10 well-known celebrities suspected of being narcissistic by nature

No! Say it ain’t so! Vainglorious, eccentric, “no brown M&Ms in MY bowl” kind of ridiculousness is what we’re talking about in this CELEBRITY NARCISSISTS evergreen newsworthy “behind the scenes” fluff-n-stuff article. “Celebrity Narcissists”, we’d like to hereby define, are people who not only do their job keeping up with appearances. They use and abuse other human beings with a conscious-free sense of pride.

Hollywood culture has long been suspected of harboring some of the world’s most egocentric, selfish, petty, and shallow Somatic Narcissists on the planet, but when it comes time to say who those fine folks are, most entertainment news journalists tend to shy away from disclosing facts.

Arguably the reason why no one wants to point fingers in Hollywood social circles about who is and who is not a Narcissist is because people are eternally optimistic. If, for instance, a child star begins behaving like a moral lunatic between the ages of 18 and 30, all their former fans are praying and hoping they will someday grow out of it.


There’s also the CYA motivation, meaning journalists who cover psychology news are always hopeful if they show favor to a troubled person, there will always be the chance for an exclusive interview. Sharing positive publicity spin angles about the world’s most obnoxious Somatic Narcissists is how organizations like E! keep the favor of cantankerous and Histrionic or Somatic celebrities.

Then there’s US.

Having folks on our staff who have written Entertainment News as freelance journalists and working on non-writing endeavors with various celebrity figures and Hollywood insiders over the years in luxury product and luxury real estate has given our writers insider insight on who is and who is not pretending to have a star-struck grandiosity complex.

We know Little Bow Wow treats his mother terribly and that Justin Bieber’s dad is a real piece of work. Britney Spears having “issues” based on her Southern Culture on the Skids family puts her in the class of a grown up and super fit Honey Boo Boo Child when it comes to IRL “reality television star” potential. And of course there’s Scott Baio — tragically hoping he will someday get all that teen-angsty mojo back he had when he was a “Happy Days” kid.

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