10 well-known celebrities suspected of being narcissistic by nature

Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s famous mother, is a real piece of work. She’s built an empire using men, having affairs in her youth with prominent figures, and she’s turned out to be the ultimate DANCE MOM meets TEEN MOMS GONE WILD of sorts. Following the death of her famous lawyer husband Robert Kardashian, best of friends with suspected murderer and known wife beater O.J. Simpson, there’s even rumors O.J. is the biological father of her daughter Khloe. She meets every diagnostic criteria for a MOMMY DEAREST, constantly triangulating her own children against one another striving to make them compete for her accolades and affections. Encouraging her daughters to use their looks and sexuality to gain and hold on to fame, there is no low she will not take or teach her children in pursuit of the almighty dollar and fame.

Bruce Jenner, the Gold Medal winning Olympic athlete most famous for appearing on the cover of a box of Wheaties cereal back in the last CENTURY, has always been full of himself. He’s presented historically as a fiercely competitive, socially conscious, “feminine” male. When he finally came out as a crossdresser, Kris helped him hide his secret while dismissing his proclivities as just playing around and being silly — but old Bruce has a secret. One he willingly and deliberately kept for decades from his family and his love interests. You see, gaslighting and hiding sexuality is a major red flag of Covert NARCOPATHY — not just simple Narcissism. Narcissistic and vain, the athlete cared so much about his appearance that when signs of age started to show on his face, he let the plastic surgeons take a knife to it. When THAT did not go well, the epic slide turning Bruce into Caitlyn so the plastic surgery mistakes were easier to hide began. Now, after having breast implants and facial feminization surgery to make him look like a woman while keeping his man bits, Jenner is the face of the transexual nation. Using turning himself into a woman by outward identification only, he’s really starting to do more harm than good to the movement for cultural acceptance of people whose biology does not perfectly line up with concepts of self-identity with regard to gender situations. Why? Because he’s a Somatic Narcissist with Histrionic tendencies, prone to grandiosity and now claiming he’s voting for Donald Trump as the voice of WOMEN. [Sorry, love… it does not work that way. Try again another day.]

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