10 well-known celebrities suspected of being narcissistic by nature

Madonna has always been known for her avant-garde lifestyle. She’s had sex with men like Dennis Rodman, women like Sandra Bernhardt, and she put Guy Ritchie through one of the highest conflict “quiet” celebrity divorces on the planet. She’s rumored to be sleeping in the same kind of oxygen chamber Michael Jackson was suspected of using (on the weird rumor scope), to be obsessed with owning and dominating her twenty-something lovers romantically despite the fact she’s essentially a celebrity senior, and she’s been accused by more than one staffer and personal acquaintance to be a physically demanding and ruthless lover, person to be around, and employer.

Justin Bieber had all the promise in the world of becoming a celebrity worth paying attention to for the long game. But sadly, whatever that child went through in the way of family hardship coupled with the bad influence of his bio dad, has left him rude beyond belief to his mother. Surrounded by people who give him poor council and use his celebrity status to self-promote, he’s surrounded by a posse of posers. Sadly, because everyone falls down and worships at the young man’s feet most of the time wherever he goes, the sociopathic BOREDOM has set into his psychology already. Expect drugs, partying, occasional arrests, and a string of romances in his twenties and thirties, followed most likely by having children with an EXTREME Somatic Narcissist — one that will more than likely be a Machiavellian or Dark Triad figure herself. Expect the high conflict divorce, affairs and serial cheating, broken contract lawsuits, and eventual accusations of intellectual property theft or plagiarism to hallmark his 30s and 40s. If reality television is still trendy by then, expect the boy band style pop music singer turned wannabe gangsta rapper to make a special guest appearance on shows like the Surreal Life and / or Celebrity Rehab when and if he decides he’s finally becoming culturally irrelevant.

Nicki Minaj — wow. Just wow. All that talent and such a horribly egocentric, histrionic, attention demanding attitude. She’s smart, as in high IQ. She hustles, as in has a strong work ethic and street smarts that compel her to seek the spotlight constantly. But she pitches epic, verbally abusive fits and temper tantrums to get what she wants when she wants it. Even the most Borderline Personality type in the world would admire her ability to turn rage on and off with ease and facility.  We doubt she’s BPD — but she’s absolutely narcissistic, disrespectful of other people’s time and efforts, shows up late constantly for things like filming, and she cannot handle not being the center of attention at all times no matter where she goes or what rooms she walks in. Armchair diagnoses? Mild… MILD Histrionic with culturally nurtured NPD – Somatic Narcissism values. Is she capable of behaving like she has empathy? It does not matter because she’s prone to behaving without consideration for it regularly.

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