12 Symptoms of Graves Disease You Should Know

An autoimmune disorder which causes thyroid dysfunction, Graves Disease is amongst the most common causes of hyperthyroidism (or overproduction of thyroid hormone). The exact cause of the disease is unknown though there genetics and environmental factors are certainly responsible to a great extent. The treatment for Graves disease primarily attempts to curb the excess thyroid production and thereby lessen the severity of symptoms. This is because thyroid hormones control several bodily functions and thus when they are in imbalance, a whole range of discomforts arises. The same are discussed below.

1. Eye-Related Problems


The most distinctive set of symptoms associated with Graves disease are collectively referred to as Graves Ophthalmology. Those victim to it may suffer from pressure or pain in the eyes, redness and inflammation, retracted or puffy eyelids, bulging eyes or double vision, In extreme cases, light sensitivity and vision loss may also develop.

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