8 Symptoms of Neuropathy You May or May Not Have

There are many symptoms of neuropathy including pain in the distal regions of the body, such as the feet and hands, sensitivity to light pressure and touching, feelings of electrical shocking and the sensation of burning and freezing. What’s a more uncommon symptom than the standard pain and fatigue? Loss of balance? However, I’m talking about something called the neuropathic itch, a sensory hallucination caused by the dysfunction of itch-sensing nerves in the body.

It boils down to this: we don’t know exactly what causes it, but the nerve tells your body that a particular area of your body is itchy. Do you know that sensation when you have an itch somewhere on your body? You scratch the area you feel the itch in and it feels like your still itchy, but in a different but nearby location? Sufferers say it’s quite similar but it stays in the same location. So, what do you do about neuropathic itch?

Well, as it turns out, the behavioral component is the most vital to take into consideration. Understanding the risks and side effects of itching the neuropathic itch often deter even the most dedicated itcher. This is usually a result of a scare-tactic of some sorts: images of severe lesions as a result of scratching is a severe deterrent. There’s actually a study out there of a woman who had a neuropathic itch and eventually scratched through her scalp to her skull. She was relieved by wearing a helmet. Scary, yes? Do yourself a favor if you are extremely itchy, and contact your doctor. If you’d like to try an alternative solution, try our NerveRenew product and see if it works for you after your free two-week trial.



Aside from neuropathic itch, neuropathy greatly ranges from person to person because of neuropathy type and the individual. Here are the top 7 symptoms we here at Neuropathy Treatment Group have come across:

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