9 Symptoms of Lymphoma

3. Enlarged Tonsils

The tonsils too, are part of the lymphatic system. In some manifestations of both Hodgkin and Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, the tonsils get affected due to tumours of blood cells depositing in the tonsils. Though outwardly visible swelling usually occurs in later stages of the condition, many a times, it gets uncovered in the course of treating other conditions such as viral or bacterial throat infections. It is of utmost importance that if one’s tonsils are found to be swollen, a medical test for Lymphoma be undertaken.

lymphoma symptoms

4. Persistent Itch

Over 25% of patients suffering from Lymphoma complain of a persistent itch which occurs for no apparent reason. In most such cases, the itching is contained in the lower extremities though it may also spread to different parts of the body. Generally speaking, itching is a rather non-specific symptom which is common to various other conditions. However, if the itching persists for over 6 weeks without an identifiable cause, it should be seen as a major warning sign.

lymphoma symptoms

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