9 Symptoms of Lymphoma

5. Weakness and Fatigue

Whenever cancer cells grow in the body, they place a higher demand for nutrients to sustain themselves. Over time, a suffering individual’s body begins feeling the ill-effects of this diversion of nutrients to abnormal, fast-multiplying cancer cells. Therefore, weakness and fatigue is common in Lymphoma patients. Not only does one feel tired and barely refreshed even after resting, the slighted exertion also becomes extremely burdensome.

lymphoma symptoms

6. Problems with Alcohol Consumption

Though in most cases, the enlarged lymph nodes do not cause pain, some patients with Hodgkin Lymphoma report feeling pain the tumour-filled in the immediate aftermath of drinking alcohol. Within minutes of consuming alcohol, the area of the affected lymph node such as the neck or armpit or collarbone begins pain – either a dull throb or a sharp, shooting pain instead. In very rare cases, abdominal pain and/or vomiting may also occur after Lymphoma-ridden individuals consume alcohol.

lymphoma symptoms

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