Borderline Personality Disorder — breaking the stigma, exploding the myth

Dr Haley Peckham has chosen not to hide the multiple self-inflicted scars along her arms as a testament to her struggle with Borderline Personality Disorder [BPD].

Despite her diagnosis almost 20 years ago, Dr Peckham now works as a mental health nurse in Melbourne and has a PhD in molecular neuroscience.

“Some of [the scars] have stories attached to them and I don’t feel ashamed of it,” Dr Peckham said.

”I see people with worse scars than I have and I think ‘things must have been really tough for you.

“It’s more of a testament to what’s in my life, more than anything being wrong with me.”

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BPD is a mental illness characterised by an instability of moods, poor self-image and suicidal thoughts, impulsive behaviour, and a pattern of unstable, often damaging, inter-personal relationships.


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Dr Peckham said her BDP was a result of childhood trauma where she wasn’t afforded the level of emotional care, usually given to children.

“I had a caregiver who had a mental illness and I was quite scared of that mental illness,” she said.

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