How does cannabis affect people with borderline personality disorder?

Question: How does cannabis affect people with borderline personality disorder?

Cannabis can help treat the symptoms of anxiety, depression, mood swings, suicidal ideation. These are all pretty common afflictions those with BPD struggle with. A lot more research needs to be done in order for anyone to specifically be able to tell you what strains are helpful for what, how much you should use, and any possible negative side effects of usage.

If you are like me, and can’t wait for the scientific community to get of their ass and realize the potential of this miracle plant, you are stuck using trial and error. Certain strains can exacerbate certain conditions in certain people, and when you are BPD, that is certainly not what you want. Any sort of mood swing can ruin your whole day very quickly.

With that being said, the possible relief and benefits of using the plant effectively are enormous and I personally have found it worth the risk. I have found certain strains ease all of these symptoms perfectly, but as with pharmaceuticals, everyone responds to certain strains differently. There is however a fairly decent amount of information on specific strains, and their possible medicinal benefits online on websites like Leafly.

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The information is far from perfect, but it is certainly a helpful resource for someone who needs a starting point from which to start experimenting. There is tremendous relief of certain common comorbid conditions for those that suffer from BPD to be found in cannabis. There is not enough information presently to specifically tell you what, and how much so a decent amount of trial and error is necessary. Of course the same could be said for the vast majority of psychotropic drugs that have been approved by the FDA, and the possible negative side effects of cannabis are far less severe IMHO.



I have borderline pd, and I use Marijuana to treat some of my symptoms. I am self aware enough to realize (most of the time) when I am headed toward a reckless, anxious, unreasonable, or depressed period. Depending on the situation, I will smoke some weed to help keep myself in check. Especially when I am preparing for a social situation, which I find to be particularly stressful.

As another comment mentions, there are diffrence in the types of plant. Sativa dominant and indica are the two strains. I’ve read that there is only sativa dominant type left because the true sativa went extinct a long time ago. In my experience, indica is the body high. Indica is the one that will have you melted on the couch, slow thinking, with nothing to say for yourself other than ‘duuuude, got any pop tarts?’. It is most effective in treating pain. Sativa is more of a head high. Some sativa can seem to give you more energy, it tends to awaken creativity, and is not likely to affect your overall cognitive ability negatively. It may slow you down a bit, but that’s most likely because you’ll be noticing everything, big or small, and pausing to feel good about it. Eg ‘oh, wow, what an awesome flower! Cool, look at that cloud! Doesn’t that tree look happy? All straight and tall on top of that hill, that’s a happy tree.’

I stick to my sativa as strictly as I can for treatment of my borderline symptoms. I also feel it makes me a much more patient parent. Speaking of which, I just told my 2 year old he cant watch TV, oh boy. Time to put my happy face on.


I would honestly look at the essential function and what you are trying to accomplish.

Cannabis creates distance between your true self and the world around you by temporarily altering perception one way or the other. Will you have side effect of feeling paranoid? Will you have effects that trigger psychotic episode? Will it trigger slap happy feeling? All depends on the weed and your brain chemistry. There is absolutely no certain way to tell. It’s risky. Do you feel adventurous to try? If you not sure and scared then from my observation people get paranoid. If you feel optimistic and “tha hell with it!” Has its own risks but experience most likely will be more positive.

The approach and being thorough with your actual medical or emotional needs is critical to get what you are looking for.

Being selective with quality is a must. If you decide to experiment number one that is most essential is right environment. I kid you not if used around “wrong” crowd will result in all kinds of unpleasant experiences regardless of quality of the product. I would not look at this whole thing as long term solution though.

I hope it gives the appropriate perspective.


This answer is late but for people who are looking for answers, such as myself….

Marijuana itself is not just a one size fits all. There is Indica strain, which is more of a downer. There is Sativa which is supposed to leave you with more energy.

University of Colorado has done some studies in regards to marijuana and depression. They have found that smoking marijuana increases serotonin levels in smaller quantities, similar to SSRIs. Smoked in large quantities, they actually have found that it tanks serotonin levels and causes major depressive episodes.

So definitely be cautious but I recommend trying sativa, Indica and even maybe a hybrid strain and finding how much makes you feel good.

I also HIGHLY recommend trying CBD oil in a vape! They have the 60mg and 100mg. It helps out with the anxiety portion BUT it contains very little THC, so it doesn’t leave you with a “high” feeling, so you can function and continue your every day tasks.

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