Scranton singer-songwriter Amanda Rogan was diagnosed with her first chronic illness, hypothyroidism, at 13.
Not long after, she also learned she had Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. And at 24, Rogan developed endometriosis, which caused her to undergo several serious surgeries in the span of a year.
But through all of her doctors’ appointments, surgeries and even a cancer scare, writing, recording and performing her music remained a source for healing and positivity.
“I try to talk about my struggles to help other people, for them to see that they are not alone and maybe find some sort of comfort or inspiration in my personal story,” the 26-year-old said.
In April, Rogan, who performs under the moniker Sweetnest, released her debut album, “Until Now.” She recently went On the Record to discuss the creation of that album while dealing with her chronic illnesses and what she plans for her future as a musician.

Q: How did you choose your stage name, Sweetnest?
A: I was in recovery after my latest surgery when I began to read more and write more, paying attention to words and phrases that I liked, specifically ones that carried a warm and comforting feeling. I eventually came across sweetness, which is a word I’ve always adored and called my loved ones. I then decided to try “Sweetnest” (as a play on words) and define it how I personally wanted to understand it. That definition is a safe space, one of comfort and authenticity. A place to be held and supported, always in existence, within or outside of the self. This message is also written on the back of the physical copies of “Until Now.”

Q: You just released your debut album, “Until Now.” How long were you working on writing and recording it?
A: The album itself took roughly six months to record, produce, mix and master. It was all done at JL Studios in Olyphant. They were remarkable and made the process much smoother for me. As for the songs, some of them are 12 years old, while others are less than a year old. And since all of my songs consisted mainly of just ukulele and vocals, nearly all of the instrumental was written and formed in studio. Focusing on creating this was a saving grace and perfect place to put my energy during a very stressful and scary time in regards to my health.

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