‘My nervous system was so bad,’ Missy Elliott admits she has Graves’ disease

Melissa Arnette Elliott (born July 1, 1971), better known as Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott,[1] is an American rapper, dancer and record producer. Elliott embarked on her music career with all-female R&B group Sista in the early 1990s and later became a member of the Swing Mob collective along with childhood friend and longtime collaborator Timbaland, with whom she worked on projects for Aaliyah, 702, Total, and SWV. Following several collaborations and guest appearances, she launched her solo career in 1997 with her debut album Supa Dupa Fly, which spawned the hit singles “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)” and “Sock It 2 Me”. The album debuted at number three on the Billboard 200, the highest-charting debut for a female rapper at the time.[2]

Elliott’s following album Da Real World (1999), produced the singles “She’s a Bitch”, “All n My Grill”, and top five hit “Hot Boyz” The remix broke the record for most weeks at number-one on the US R&B chart on the issue dated January 15, 2000; as well as spending 18 weeks at number one on the Hot Rap Singles from December 4, 1999 to March 25, 2000, which is still the longest reign at number one to date on that chart. With the release of Miss E… So Addictive (2001), Under Construction (2002), and This Is Not a Test! (2003) Elliott established an international career that yielded hits including “Get Ur Freak On”, “One Minute Man”, “4 My People”, “Gossip Folks”, and “Work It”. The latter won her a Grammy Award for Best Female Rap Solo Performance; Elliott went on to win four Grammy Awards and sell over 30 million records in the United States. She is the best-selling female rap artist in Nielsen Music history

Missy Elliott, born Melissa Arnette Elliott, started her music career with an R&B she formed in the early 1990s.

Later on, she became a member of the ‘Swing Mob’ collective along with her childhood friend and producer Timbaland.

Missy teamed up with Timmy to work on projects for hit artists like Aaliyah, 702, Tota;, and others.

In 1997, Missy finally embarked her solo career with the release of her debut album ‘Supa Dupa Fly,’ which includes one of her critically acclaimed single ‘The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly),’ ‘Gossip Folks,’ and ‘Sock It 2 Me.’

As part of her ever growing career, the rapper, singer-songwriter, and singer had to deal with the gossips targeting her in real life after being on a hiatus.

It turns out that the award-winning artist is suffering from Graves’ disease, battling the serious health condition over the years.

‘I couldn’t write because my nervous system was so bad – I couldn’t even use a pen,’

she said.

Back in 2008, it was found out that Elliott has the disease after involuntary jerking in her leg caused her to nearly crash her car.

However, her diagnosis was not the first time as she has already experienced medical scare in 2001 that forced her to lose 71 pounds after the doctors advised her to live a healthy or she could end up with a stroke.

Graves’ disease is an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid gland.

According to the Mayo Clinic, Graves’ disease happens when too much thyroid hormone is produced, also known as hyperthyroidism.

Elliott says she suffered from mood swings, hair loss, and dramatic weight loss, so she has been exercising and minding her food intake to avoid gaining any more weight.

The Grammy-award recipient conquered the disease, and now she went on to release even more music to compensate for the years she went inactive.

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