Noah’s Birth Story: How Down Syndrome Changed Our Lives…For The Better

Everything Was About To Change. Forever.

I’ll never forget the day I was sitting at our kitchen table talking on the phone to a friend when my wife comes running into the room, and saying,

“Rick….get off the phone.”

I quickly hung up the phone thinking something was wrong. No sooner than I can say “What’s wrong?” my wife shows me this plastic stick with two lines on it.

These two lines were going to change our life.


We were having a baby…!

I was in disbelief! I was in shock! I was happy, joyful, excite….but most of all in love with this baby that was already growing at a rapid pace inside my wife’s tummy!

I couldn’t wait for this day to happen.

But it was happening….

….we were going to be parents…!!!

The Wait

The next ten months seemed to last forever. I couldn’t stop thinking about how much fun it was going to be to raise a child, especially with my wonderful wife.






Abbie and I spent much of that ten months creating “Noah” in our minds.

As soon as we found out we were having a boy, we knew just what he would look like, act like, talk like, and dress like.

Oh, when it came down to Mac, or PC…he was defiantly going to be a Mac kind of guy.




I absolutely loved going to Abbie’s OBGYN appointments. I LOVED getting to see Noah on the screen as they preformed ultrasounds. I watched him grow from the size of a pea, to a grape, to a peach, to a watermelon.

I remember hearing his heart beat for the first time. Wow! (I cried like a baby.)






I couldn’t believe this was real. I couldn’t believe my wife was carrying around another human life inside of her. I couldn’t believe I was going to be a dad.

We had a blast the next ten preparing for Noah’s arrival. Baby showers, parties, getting the nursery ready, (We even painted it ourselves!) reading the mommy bargain books, and of course picking out the cutest new-born outfits on the planet!

I seriously don’t have a clue how I got anything done during those ten months. The excitement of becoming a parent was like a child waiting for santa the night before Christmas….over. and over, and over again. Each night wondering if this could be the night he arrives!

On December 14, 2010 we went into the OBGYN for a check up, and found out my wife’s blood pressure was a little high. Noah was 36 weeks old at this point, and the OBGYN said she wanted us to come in first thing the next morning to induce labor.

Wow…! I couldn’t believe it. We were really going to be parents! This was happening.

After the appointment we drove around for a bit running last-minute errands, and I don’t remember if it was that day, or perhaps a few days before…but I remember telling my wife,

“You know sometimes when couples at church get up on stage and share a really sad story about something that happened to their child, and everyone in the audience is crying and stuff. And you feel sad for them, but in your mind you are thinking about how glad you are that happened to them and not you…I don’t think I could handle something that.

Sometimes I get scared and I think that God is going do something like that to me since I’m a communicator. Ya know? I sure hope not though, I really don’t think I could handle it. I’m so glad everything is fine with Noah. We are so blessed that all of his sonograms and everything are perfect. I can’t wait to meet this kid.”

We went to one of our favorite local mexican restaurants, Posados, and had one last meal as a “child-less” (no-child-out-of-the-womb) couple. We had no idea that last meal was actually the last meal for our life as we knew it. Because in less than 24 hours our world was going to be turned upside down.





As we dined on ten-dollar enchiladas, our little Noah was just hanging out in his mother’s womb waiting to come out and meet us. We spent the next hour eating, talking, laughing, asking each other questions. We were so excited.





After dinner I was so excited I didn’t want to go home and try to go to sleep. So to kill time we went to Target and just walked around until they closed. Once we got home I’m pretty sure I stayed up the entire night thinking about how awesome it was going to be to finally get to meet our little Noah!

The day we had been waiting for was finally here!

The Long Wait

We woke up that morning and stopped by Chick-Fil-A. Abbie couldn’t eat, but I could..and I was starving. (I know, I”m a horrible husband.) We arrived at the hospital around 6:15 in the morning and got all checked in. I was so nervous. I was so excited. I couldn’t stop thinking about what Noah was going to be like. What the labor was going to be like. If I was going to faint once Abbie started to go into labor. (I seriously thought I might. I have a weak stomach for stuff like that.)




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