Teas for Better Sleep: Top Bedtime Tea Recommendations

You shouldn’t reach for just any tea, though, as some are more conducive to a restful night sleep than others. Read on to learn the top bedtime tea recommendations.

Chamomile. This herbal tea can help temporarily calm mild anxiety, permitting enough relaxation to fall asleep.1 If you don’t enjoy its floral and slightly apple taste, you may prefer to drink this tea with a little milk or honey.

Passion Flower. Passion flower tea has chemical properties that can soothe a restless mind and promote sleep benefits.2 Drink a cup about an hour before bedtime, and try mixing it with mint or lemon flavors if you want to cut its flowery taste.

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Decaffeinated Green Tea. Green tea contains a unique amino acid that has been shown to lower stress levels and lead to better sleep.3 If this tea tastes too bitter and grassy for you, try steeping it at a lower temperature with a temperature-controlled kettle.

Jasmine Flower. Nighttime exposure to the scent of jasmine flower can enhance your quality of sleep.4 Blend together jasmine flower with another herbal tea to experience the relaxing effects of its aroma.

Valerian Root. Valerian root can promote deep sleep and may even help you fall asleep faster.5 Some people do not prefer the strong aroma of this tea, so you may want to blend it with mint or jasmine flower.

Lavender. Lavender is popular in its essential oil form and can also be enjoyed as a pleasantly scented tea. Drinking it at bedtime may help you enjoy a deeper sleep and feel refreshed upon waking up.6

Check out your local tea shop or browse online for a tea blend that contains one or more of the above ingredients—and make sure you have a kettle and a loose tea infuser.

Drinking tea at night is not a cure-all for back pain or insomnia, but it can be a helpful part of maintaining a balanced sleep hygiene.

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