This Is The Reason Why David Beckham Has Got A Disfiguring Scar On His Face And Rotten Teeth

David Beckham, even if he wasn’t a football player; he’d still have women around for his God damn good looks. But, David has shared a new picture of himself on his Instagram.

The 41-year-old football player has revealed his first look from his upcoming film ‘King Arthur.’ He looks monstrous and almost unrecognizable as has undergone an intense makeover therapy.

It’s no way close to the perfect manly look. Demonic.

David Beckham has gone through an ugly scar makeup which makes him look gruesome. As you may see, the injury starts from his mouth and runs until the end of his forehead and above ears. His teeth were blackened and erased by makeup to complete this look.

He jokingly wrote in the caption, “Rough day at the office @kingarthurmovie @guyritchie.”

His fans have thrown some unbelievable comments on his scary post.

When the style icon shared the picture with his fans, they entertained him and each other by commenting actively on the post. Some appreciated his efforts, while some were impulsive enough to bully him for doing that to his face.

Apart from the comments that you see in this picture, we’ve some more for you to read.

Apart from the comments that you see in this picture, we've some more for you to read.

An Instagram user commented on his picture: “Omfg, I hate this face.” While the other one said: “What the heck? Is that you!?!?”.

One of his fans who didn’t know this is his a look for a new film wrote: “Omg I thought you had come off your bike.”

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