What’s Your Body Trying To Tell You? 8 Signs Something’s Wrong With Your Health

Our body is the house we live in and should take care of. Nowadays we are too busy to eat proper food, attend the gym or even have regular check-ups. Sometimes our body wants to show us something, but we don’t pay attention and it can have serious consequences. As you know, prevention is better than treatment. Today I’m going to show 8 warning signals your body uses to tell you something important. Scroll down to read the whole least.

#1. Your waist size is bigger than 80cm If you notice that your waist became bigger than 80 cm, visit your doctor to check up if everything is OK with your health. The thing is that it can be the sign of diabetes and the disease called metabolic syndrome. If you experience such symptoms as extreme tiredness, bad concentration and urinating, it is a high time to see your doctor.

#2. Yellow spots around your eyes Such spots called xanthelasma are the result of fat accumulated under your skin. Also, they are the sign of high cholesterol level and high risk of cardiovascular disease’s appearance such as atherosclerosis or heart attack.

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